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In-game information processing/sharing


  • author: LEit

Utility that combines multiple pxx or fxx reports into a single output file.

Information Trader

Allows players to transfer gaming information without compromising their own security.


mSplit is a small command-line tool to split a multi-year M file into it's consitutent 1-year parts. Includes source code and compiled binaries for both windows and linux.

Secret Intelligence Reporter

Program for recording information about your opponents(prt,lrts,etc), can also import .pxx files and display them as a map.

Stars! Log

The Stars! Log program is designed to help players manage large and complex games by enabling the player to write notes and assign them to specific planets, fleets. Each note can also be made specific year, and you can also make notes and record information about the other players or races.


Allows players to pool player information to create a graphic representation. Dos based, Nice output.

Besides slight differences in the starmap.exe size and date, I can't tell them apart.


StarMapper takes reports generated by the game and generates a map showing approximate empire territories.

Stars! Host Creator

Stars! Host Creator allows you to create a .hst file from your m, h and r files for testbedding scenarios. Paul has warned that the starshosteditor.dll included in this zip is different to the dll from Stars Host Editor and should not be used separately from Stars! Host Creator. Also, as Paul is still developing this:

  1. Please report any issues you find back to PaulCr at HWF.
  2. The offsite download may link to a newer version than those listed here.
  • download admiral2.zip 34.9kb
    xml dump of Paul's m file for Fledgling Admirals 2 from last year along with a script for grabbing the battle plans from it and saving then into a csv file.

Stars! Message Reader

The Stars! Message Reader automatically scans Stars! and reads all messages. It stores them into an internal database, or you can save them as a plain text file. You can easily read messages from previous turns and filter player messages.

Stars! Notebook

Stars! Notebook is a program for recording information about your opponents. Can import and visually display information from .pxx and .fxx files.

Stars! Report Processor

A program for managing/visualising existing/potential fleet movements, scanning capabilities, distances and more.

Starstat & Starinfo

Otherwise identical DOS and Windows programs, respectively, that report on various aspects of the Stars! gamefiles such as the version, the presence of multiple turns in a .m file etc. Both incorrectly, but consistently, report the Stars version for v1.1a(reports 1.2a), v2.0a(2.65), 2.6i(2.81j) and 2.6JRC4(2.83) game files.


Strategist allows you to import data from every turn and then watch how the universe changes. It also has some simple charting and graphing abilities.


Territories is a Free Windows 95 mapping program for Stars! It imports the text data dumped by the Stars! program and based on that information, displays a map for you.

Xtreme Borders

Xtreme Borders Screenshot

Xtreme Borders is a mapper program which allows players to combine and analyse data extracted from the game, including the visualization of each players influence over a territory, mapping of stargate networks and the display of allies scanner data, while providing a convenient place for keeping notes on the other races in the game.

Habitability Filters

For filtering/sifting .pxx files to determine habitable planets.


Dos(commandline) program that outputs a list of inhabitable planets from the .pxx file present. Syntax:

Hab <game> <gravmin> <gravmax> <tempmin> <tempmax> <radmin> <radmax>

Contains two example .bat files that pipe the output to a file.

Hab kit

Hab kit is an excel macro to filter the New Player Reports for habitability. Contains instructions.


Similar to Hab, except that Habs prompts you for your hab settings, and then the hab of each planet.

Using the following data it reports 0% ?!? Grav: 1 to 1.2 Temp: -40 to 40 Rad: 80 to 100 Planet: 1.1/0/90

Planet Sniffer

Stars! Info

Displays the information from a .pxx file in an interface similar to Stars, showing you the 'localised' planet values.

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