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.m/.x file management

AutoHost Client

note: v2.2 program incorrectly reports v2.11

The AutoHost Client is a program to automate the interactions with the Stars! AutoHost web site, as well as some other common actions such as making backups of turn files, launching Stars!, and dumping fleet and planet reports.

Stars! Backup

Stars! Backup! consists of dos batch files, a vbs file, an email client & mailbox file, with instructions that enable a host to 1) keep backups of all the players' turns and 2) automate rebuilding a current history file should a player drop out.

Stars Hosting Assistant

(is apparently shareware)


Hosting program for emailing turn files to players. Can also be used from the commandline/.bat file. Help file contains an example for integrating it into the Eudora email client to completely automate turn processing.

Stars! Supremacy Host

Stars! Supremacy Host is an x file checker that detects some bugs/cheats. Currently checks for 22 or more superlatinum in a slot, prevents use of the 10th space dock for all races and prevents editing starbase design if there are partially completed ones in planet queue. The Dll has been written to allow or disallow each check on user by user basis basis but the test exe for it does not allow you to configure them.

Stars! TurnXChange

Allows a web server to automate the hosting part of the game. The original perl code for the web hosting services provided by Stars! AutoHost.

Warp Central

Email program for hosts and players to quickly email turn files. Does not support receiving files.

Xtreme StarMail

Xtreme StarMail Screenshot

A utility to help hosts manage the sending of turns to players (both MAPI and SMPT supported), allows for optional attachments, custom messages and alternate email addresses

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