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Welcome to Stars!wiki, a resource for and by Stars! players.

(From RGCS): Stars! is an Advanced, Interstellar, Turn Based Strategy Game and a member of 4x genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) of PC games. It was written by Jeff Johnson and Jeff McBride with help from Jeffrey Krauss (collectively known as the Jeffs). Written in response to finding a distinct lack of quality games in the genre, it was truly a game ahead of its time. It is by far one of the most strategically in-depth and balanced games in existence. It has kept people addicted for years, and still supports a loyal player community.

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Since the Fledging Admirals serial is aimed at beginners to lower intermediate as well as rusty oldtimers, I'll email around some hints & tips from time to time. Some of those emails I'll also post in here. Those hints & tips are quite basic ones but will hopefully help you a bit to boost your early career at the Space Fleet Headquarter, let's say on your way from cadet to 3rd mate.
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Stars! Supernova Genesis
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5 Jun 2011: Stars!wiki now includes the Stars! Strategy Guide.
3 Oct 2010: Stars!wiki has moved again! Maybe the for the last time. Thanks to Ron Miller, Stars!wiki has come full circle and is now hosted as part of Stars! AutoHost
16 Feb 2010: For the first time ever, Stars!wiki can now email password reminders (and do those other email type things too). Also Imagemaps now work, see the Stars! Player's Guide for examples Image:Icon smile.gif
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