Created and Maintained by James McGuigan

31/03/2011 - Updated download page to fix broken links, I now link to and mirror the Stars Autohost Wiki Download Page and have also listed a set of Stars serial numbers found on google (as you no longer buy new serials)

17/01/2011 - moved to a new webhost - please contact me if there are any problems with the new hosting - may not be under active development, but she is not going away

Development on the stellerlegacy project is currently dormant, and has been for some time now

A new open-source Stars clone is now under active development, called Thousand Parsec

This FAQ is designed to replace both the Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ (created by Dave Johnston) and the rgcs FAQ (created by myself). I will be updating this site on a fairly regular basis. It is an attempt to create a single web resource that contains and collates all the known technical information about Stars! that has been found over the years.

Feel free to copy or quote from this site, but please give a credit and if you do edit / modify any of its contents please clearly mark the edited / modified sections as such.

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions or have spotted anything that you think I have missed, please contact me.